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“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

Presentation is paramount to your property’s appeal and the result you achieve.

To assist you with preparing for the sale process and possibly adding thousands of dollars to your selling price we note the following:

  • Detail the property thoroughly throughout. Internally and externally attend to any items requiring immediate cosmetic attention eg: peeling paint, untidy gardens etc.
  • Residential ‘open houses’ always benefit from enhancing natural light, fresh flowers, coffee / baking aromas, light music etc.
  • Obtain Contract for Sale of Land from you solicitor or licensed conveyancer. We can recommend various solicitors and / or licensed conveyancers at competitive prices.
  • Obtain a survey report. Preferred for Torrens title freehold properties to truly define boundary parameters relative to existing improvements.
  • Provide your solicitor / conveyancer with a copy of any current lease/s for inclusion in the Contract together with the strata agents details (if applicable)
  • Obtain and make available a ‘clear’ pest and building report together with any certificates for recently constructed works.
  • Prepare a list of inclusions to be incorporated within the Contract for Sale of Land eg: light fittings, blinds / curtains, floor coverings, air conditioning etc.


Checklist for presenting your Property


  • Re-paint where required
  • Clean all external facades (including cladding & glazing)
  • Clean all roof guttering & surface drains
  • Mow and tidy lawns
  • Prune & weed gardens & curtilage
  • Rake up any leaves
  • Store neatly all items including toys, tools etc
  • Position all furniture items to enhance general aesthetic appeal and size
  • Clean pool and store cleaning equipment
  • Fertilise lawns if and where required
  • Enhance general lighting.


  • Clean thoroughly throughout with particular attention to kitchen, ablution and main living areas
  • Remove / store all excessive furniture, electrical equipment, toys etc to enhance aesthetic appeal and size
  • Re-paint where and if required
  • Clean all painted surfaces eg: wall and ceilings
  • Thoroughly clean of all floor linings. Engage professional carpet cleaners if required to remove stubborn stains
  • Enhance areas with the inclusions of flowers in strategic positions
  • Ensure the temperature of your home is appropriate and inviting relative to the season
  • Enhance the ground aroma with air fresheners, fresh baking and / or freshly brewed coffee

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