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Purchasing a property should be a pleasant, enjoyable and constructive process.

The team at Brookes Partners extend the opportunity to discuss in complete confidence the criteria for finding our ideal property and provide the following advice.

  • Define your preferred locale, price range and accommodation requirements
  • Establish your financial position in consultation with professional advice. Talk to the team at Brookes Partners to capitalise on our affiliation with all major lenders and independent brokers.
  • Educate yourself on the real worth of properties within your preferred area by obtaining a free Market Analysis report from the team at Brookes Partners. Our report details recent sales, historical property trends, record and median prices, area demographics and much more.
  • Identify all anticipated costs involved with your proposed acquisition ie stamp duty, conveyancing, searches (where required) registration costs etc.
  • Contact your area specialist within the team at Brookes Partners in order to receive details appurtenant to all new listings and “Buyer Alerts”.
  • Appoint a solicitor or licensed conveyancer to act on your behalf and forward a copy of the Contract for Sale of Land to them for their perusal and comment.
  • Obtain pest and building reports, survey reports, valuation reports, strata searches where and if required.
  • Subject to the forgoing being satisfactory convey your educated offer, negotiate and pending acceptance ‘exchange contracts’ together with payment of the prescribed deposit monies (usually 10% of the agreed purchase price)
  • Throughout the settlement period carefully plan your move. To ensure a smooth transition obtain a copy of the Brookes Partners “Buyers Checklist”

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